Supervision / Consultation

High quality and evidence based clinical supervision is available to those individuals with provisional or temporary licenses seeking full licensure status. 


Supervision / Consultation


Clinical supervision is provided via individual or group (up to three people) settings.

I believe that clinical supervision involves opportunities for exploration, learning, and growth. With my advanced education and training in clinical supervision, I provide evidence-based supervisory support and growth-minded challenge. Support and challenge help supervisees in their own clinical and professional growth as a counselor.

As a clinical supervisor, I aim to create a collaborative and safe environment where the supervisee feels comfortable tackling challenges and safely takes professional risks to aid in growth. I provide a foundation of knowledge and expertise to foster a supervisee’s mastery of skills.

My clinical supervision process is open, flexible, and adaptable to meet the specific cultural, personal, or developmental needs of each supervisee. The Discrimination Model of Supervision is where I derive my foundation for clinical supervision. This model balances the supervisor’s role as educator, counselor, and consultant for the supervisee.


Clinical Consultation


Clinical consultation is available to those fully licensed individuals who may need help with client cases. My areas of competence include working with individuals living with chronic pain, chronic illness, and trauma. I am also trained in and working towards certification in Brainspotting.

Clinical consultation may be sought when clinicians feel stuck with a specific client, needing further skill development, wanting more information about a specialized topic, or when unsure of ethical considerations or decision-making.


Areas of Competence:


Adolescent (14+) and adult populations


Life stressors and/or transitions


Chronic pain


Trauma and related disorders




Chronic illness



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Fees for Service

$75 hourly

Professional Individual Clinical Supervision

$50 person / hour

Group Clinical Supervision (2-3 supervisees)

$75 hourly

Distance Clinical Supervision (phone or video)

$100 hourly

Professional Clinical Consultation

*Can be conducted in person or via video options*


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